Monday, February 11, 2019

How to start with Frega

It is true!! You can earn money totally for free and with no work to do....

I want to show you a new Frega account where the account holder did nothing.
She joined Frega but did not pay to the plan or co-invested or traded any crypto.
A totally free account 

a free account

You can invest your earnings
The set up : 

account automanage set up

My suggestion to you is to register an account with Frega.
Set up the automanage to re-invest your earnings 
And tell your friends to do the same.

We take it step-by-step:

Sign up here: Frega

* Confirm your email
* Go to and find your referal link to invite your friends
* from you go to Frega
* inside you find financial applications 
- auto manage - three areas to manage
(what I did: change the 10% to a higher %, set additional amount to zero, keep the 50/50 invest portions, set the amounts under nr3 to zero.... when my earnings are high enough I can change my automanage to take more)

Relax :) you did well! 
Every member have their own hub for communication so go to your hub and contact frega for every question you have

ofcourse you can use Frega in many amazing ways and ofcourse it is good if you can subscribe to the plan and co-invest and open a store and all the other good things about Frega.
That is ofcourse the best but the meaning of this page was to show you that you do earn money for free even if you do nothing.... that is great for most people... so tell them!

After you are registered you can check the links below if interested
For more about Frega click here
Invest money in Frega click here